About us

Accounting & Taxes OÜ is an Estonian capital based company whose founders have been working with clients from various corners of the world. Over 15 years experience of working on international accounting field has shown that the basis of successful cooperation equals with the respect for agreements. Accounting is a vague area for lots of people and if possible they would rather trust it to the accountants’ hands. In our opinion this approach is correct since the focus of Your company should be primarily on Your main business and making profit. We know that we are able to provide You professional, flexible and high quality accounting services. We are hoping that You will find the previous arguments to be important for You and it will mark the beginning of our long-term cooperation.

Our customers are small and medium sized companies from various business spheres as well as non-profit associations, foundations and apartment cooperatives. Our team members speak Estonian, Russian, Finnish, English and German. We are ready to assist You in all the listed languages and in any questions related to accounting services, so that You can concentrate on Your main business activities.

Each of us is dealing with daily costs and income, trying to specify possible opportunities to save some money. Thus the company’s accounting is not only a sequence of numbers but a constant and excellent overview of the company’s well-being, profits and losses, future prospects. Correct accounting indicates the current developments and future possibilities of a company by creating the right image. Our customers can be confident that we are loyal to You both in high and low times offering solutions to increase success.

We wish to show through our customer loyalty programme that long-term cooperation is valued and offering extra benefits to our clients.

Valuing agreements and long-term cooperation,

Team of Accounting & Taxes OÜ