Accounting for apartment cooperatives

The prices and information for apartment cooperative board members are provided below. The rule of thumb price is 2 euro per apartment per month but minimum 65 euro per month per cooperative.

The price list is indicative and for more accurate price offer please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Number of apartments Price
Up to 25 apartments 65 €
26-50 apartments 100 €
51-75 apartments 150 €
76-100 apartments 200 €
101-125 apartments 250 €
More than 126 apartments Upon agreed


Prices include:

  • Record keeping for rent and billing of the apartment owners;
  • Tracking of receivables;
  • Submission of monthly balances of residents to board members;
  • Residential income and expenses record-keeping;
  • Individual heating costs of record-keeping;
  • Maintenance of the general ledger;
  • Payroll (1 person)
  • Preparation of reports and declarations, submission to the Tax and Customs Board;
  • Annual report up to 100 apartments cooperative (included in the monthly fee);
  • Consultation up to 2h per month.

For extra charge:

  • Budget of costs;
  • Revision service 1 month price;

Prices do not include 20% VAT;
Accounting & Taxes OÜ reserves the right to make changes in the prices.